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*The color of our crushed stone is not guaranteed. Color may vary depending on source location.* Wondering how much material you''ll need? Click here for our yardage calculator! 508-885-2480. Our Facebook Feed. Hibu FB Page. Find Us. Get Directions. Contact Us. Bond Sand, Gravel & Asphalt.

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Main Office 11143 Goodnight Lane Dallas, TX 75229. 972-243-5820 Fax: 972-243-4353 [email protected] . Mon - Friday 7:00 am - 5:30 pm Saturday - 7:00 am - Noon

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2021-11-16 · Phone: (727) 822-3370‬ e-mail: [email protected] Address: 2001 13th Ave North St. Petersburg, FL 33713

Materials Calculator

We all want to do something for the environment, but Allied Landscape supply actually is. Recycling old concrete and turning it into a cheap and less harmful base material for projects. Way to go Allied!! This is one of the reasons I use Allied for everything from crushed stones to there low cost Natural veneer. Thanks Jim and Mike

Tons Bulk Sand Gravel Limestone Material Calculator for ...

Calculate Tons for Circles of Sand, Gravel or Limestone. Calculate Tons of Compacted Gravel or Limestone. Phone: 847-223-7000 / Fax: 847-223-7067. Length in feet x Width in feet x (Depth in inches x 12.22). Take the total and divide by 2000 (the amount pounds in a ton). The final figure will be the estimated amount of tons required.

Gravel Calculator – Square Footage Area

2021-11-21 · Washed Clean Stone: Washed clean stone is very similar to crushed stone in its composition and manufacture except that the step of thoroughly cleaning and removing impurities is added to the process. This ensures that there is no unwanted …

By The Yard Materials • CALCULATE

2021-5-13 · This material consists of crushed, recycled concrete aggregate ranging from 1 1/2" in size, down to fine powder and contains all of the stone sizes between. It meets the specifications for TxDot approved base course works great for construction sites as …

Materials & Pricing

Rawson Materials offers a variety of materials at six accessible locations in Northeastern Connecticut and Southern Rhode Island. Prices listed below are per ton. Prices are effective 4/1/2021.

Calculate Base Material | Cubic Yard (or Feet) to Tons

2. Select Base Material. #73 Crushed Limestone. 6" Minus Base Limerock. Baserock Limestone. Baserock Limestone 3/4" - minus. Commercial Limerock. Crusher Run. Crusher Run 3/8" minus.

Material Calculator

2021-10-30 · Material Calculator - Northstate Landscape. ... Most gravel and crushed stone products have similar weights per ton. G ravel and sand typically weighs 2,200-2,700 pounds per cubic yard. In addition, there are 2,000 pounds to a ton. Certain products, like washed gravel, weigh more like 2,835 pounds per cubic yard.


Material Also known as Unit measurement; Topsoil: Dirt: Cubic Yard (CY) Bank-Run Sand: Fill Sand, ROB Sand: Cubic Yard (CY) Crushed Limestone: Drainage Stone, Bedding Stone: Ton: Roundstone: River Rock: Ton: Crusher Run: Driveway Mix: Ton: Stone Dust: Screenings: Ton: Mason Sand Ton: Concrete Sand Ton: Item #4 Gravel Cubic Yard (CY) Item #4 ...

Gravel Calculator: Free Online Tool

2015-2-25 · A gravel calculator is an online tool that allows you to enter known information regarding your project, such as the surface area you need to cover and the depth to fill it. Once you''ve filled in these fields, the calculator will automatically …

Construction Aggregate Calculator

Construction Aggregate Calculator. NOTE: These Construction Materials Calculators are intended for general estimation purposes only. You are strongly encouraged to contact your specific H&K Group Construction Materials location or our Materials Sales Team directly for detailed product and/or quantity information. Width: Feet.

#57 Crushed Gravel

Crushed gravel is accessible, abundant and a common natural resource used in agriculture and construction. Some Uses of #57 Crushed Gravel Base Material for Asphalt Roads And Driveways. This size of crushed stone is a great base material for asphalt …

Bank Run Materials

Bank Run Gravel. Sand and stone mixture up to 6" stone with some silt that packs well, suitable for driveway and roadway base and for filling inside of foundations. Bank Run Fill. Fine sand with some silt and 4" stone suitable for back filling foundations, raising grade in yards and for sub grade for roads and driveways. Sandy Fill.

Aggregates | Stone Dust, Sand, Gravel, Crushed Stone ...

2021-11-20 · Overview Pike''s construction aggregates are locally mined materials used in construction, including stone dust, sand, gravel, crushed stone, and recycled concrete. Due to the relatively high hydraulic conductivity value as compared to most soils, aggregates are widely used in drainage applications for foundations and french drains, septic drain fields, retaining wall drains, and road side ...

Aggregates – Cornejo Corp

Material Calculator Cornejo Materials & Cornejo Quality Stone is a leading producer of construction and crushed stone aggregates produced from a natural deposit of limestone. Our products include fine aggregates, coarse aggregates, and crushed stone.

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Services for Sand & Gravel Delivery include: Needs analysis for Crushed Stone, Gravel, Topsoil, Dirt, or Sand. Fast Service for ongoing Sand & Gravel projects and customers. Customized Hauling for Rock, Dirt, Topsoil, Gravel, or Sand. Calculation of Quantity - Sand, Gravel, Rock, Fill Dirt requirements. Our product variety of Rock, Aggregate ...

2020 Crushed Stone Calculator: 3/4 inch rock

2021-1-20 · First, calculate the area in square feet of your project. As an example, a 10-foot wide, 20-foot long driveway is a 200-square foot area. Then, multiply the area by the depth. For instance, if you are using four inches of crushed stone under a patio area or for a …

STONE CALCULATOR [How Much Stone do I Need]

2021-11-21 · Crushed stone - 100 lb/ft³ ... Otherwise, simply type your dimensions of the stone into the calculator. Our bulk material calculator is a powerful tool that will help you calculate the volume of stone required. In addition, if you know the density of the stone and cost per unit mass/volume, then you can also calculate the total cost. ...


Stone/Gravel Types. Our 1 ½"- 2" River Rock is perfect for using around flower beds, foundations, drainage, pathways, and pond water beds. The colors vary from warm browns and beiges to purples and grays. This crushed stone packs extremely well, making it a great driveway material or base for concrete pavers and retaining walls.

Landscape Depot, Inc.

2021-9-7 · Walls should be built on top of no less than a one foot deep trench with 3/4" crushed or washed stone. 1 1/2" Bluestone should be set in minimum of 2" bed of well compacted stone dust. If the subsurface material is a rich soil or clay material it should be removed and filled with compacted gravel. 1 yard of crushed stone, sand, or loam weighs ...

Material Calculator

Material Calculator - WJ Graves. (978) 939-5568 Fax: (978) 939-5295 192 Depot Road East Templeton, MA 01438. Home.

Convert Crushed Stone From Tons to m3: Online Calculator

2019-11-27 · Online calculator for converting crushed stone from tons to cubic meters. The size of the granules of crushed stone: 5-10, 5-20, 20-40, 25-60, 40-70 mm

The Complete Guide to Crushed Stone and Gravel

2019-11-11 · Crushed stone: If you hear the generic "crushed stone" term, it usually refers to stone that has a mixture of stone dust in it. This type of stone is best used for a base when heavy compaction is needed. As a result, it is typically used for the base of concrete and paving projects, foundations of structures, and driveway bases.

#2 Crushed Stone (Clean)

MATERIAL CALCULATOR How to run a quick calculation? Simply enter the width, length and depth that you need and hit "calculate" Contact us with your estimate to get quote on your project *For all landscaping projects we recommend a minimum depth of 2-3 inches of material

Construction Aggregate Calculator

Construction Aggregate Calculator. Enter the width, length, thickness, and product density and hit the "Calculate" button to calculate your estimate. If you do not know the product density, use the optional density estimator* or contact a local sales representative.

Crushed Stone

Crushed gravel is best used for drainage under foundation walls, sidewalks and stone patios, as well as for fill around and under leaching beds, landscaping, and for stone driveways. Once installed and rolled or tamped it resists settling.


All coverage estimates allow for nominal joints between the flagstone material. Remember that all stone can be finished with water sealers and clear protective coating that bring out the true colors of the stone, and will protect the stone. This calculator is designed to give the approximate weight to order for a stone construction project.

Bulk Calculator

NJ Gravel & Sand Company 1661 Hwy 34 South Wall, NJ 07719 P: (732) 938-5252 | F: (732) 938-4607 Email: [email protected]

Gravel Calculator

Crushed stone. Crushed stone is a type of medium-sized gravel that is formed by mechanically crushing stone. Most commonly, limestone, dolomite, or granite is crushed to form the crushed stone. In certain definitions of the term, crushed stone is not considered gravel since it is a processed rather than naturally-occurring rock fragment.

Material Calculator

2021-11-16 · Crushed/Decorative Stone. Flagstone/Wall Stone. Boulders & Steps. Ice Melt. Bagged Materials. Plants. Hard Goods. Christmas Trees. Delivery. Material Calculator. Contact Us. Material Calculator. Use the area and material calculators below to find the amount of …

Landscape Materials Calculator | Peel Landscape Depot

Natural Stone calculate approximate # of tonnes: length (in feet) x width (in feet) x height (in inches) divided by 12 x 170 divided by 2000 Random Flagstone 1/2" thick flagstone covers an …